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What Should You Do When The Market Fluctuates?

The market has yo-yo’d significantly over the past two years throughout the pandemic. Now that the country has largely recovered, it may feel like we’re “out of the woods”. Still, it feels as though the investment landscape is tough-to-predict – and that’s putting it lightly. 

How To Review Your Employee Benefits

When you think about the compensation you receive from your employer, your salary is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But your employee benefits can often make up a substantial amount of the value that you receive, especially if you work in tech.

3 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Financial Help

Are you worried about your parents as they age? Maybe you suspect they are becoming less capable of handling their finances independently?  You’ve possibly even thought about saying something to them but are worried about how they will respond. If so, you aren’t alone.  It’s

Cybersecurity: 3 Tips to Protect Your Wealth & Identity

In today’s ever-evolving world of technology, staying safe online can seem like a daunting task. We’ve gotten many questions recently about cybersecurity, and how clients and colleagues alike can protect themselves against fraud, identity theft, and phishing scams. We wanted to review three easy, actionable

The Option Expiration Game

If you work in tech or have climbed the ladder throughout your corporate career, you may have accumulated stock options with your employer. These Employee Stock Options (ESOs) are the right granted to employees by an employer to purchase company stock at a set price.

What Does a Diversified Portfolio Actually Look Like?

You’ve heard that it’s important to create a well-diversified portfolio and know that it is a critical step in your financial plan, but what does a diversified portfolio actually look like? To create one, you need to know what that means and practical steps for

What is a Trust and Do You Need One?

A trust is a legal arrangement that allows you to effectively manage your assets and ensure that those assets are transferred to your intended beneficiaries when you pass. They can provide an efficient means of settling your estate, managing your assets, and reducing taxes. What