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Discovery Process

You’re serious about protecting and growing your wealth, and we’re serious about providing the guidance that helps you enjoy your success.

Get to Know Us

Our 3-Step Discovery Process

At FPC we have a streamlined 3-step process for collaborating with potential new clients. Whenever meeting prospective clients, our goal is never to approach the conversation with a sales mindset. We believe that getting to know one another is the most important thing we can do. Our process is designed so that we truly get to know you – as such, the entire process is at no cost or obligation.


Discovery Meeting

In our initial discovery meeting, we focus on getting to know a lot about you. This includes gathering your personal information (i.e. employment status, residence, age, estate position, etc.) as well as collecting your financial data (assets, liabilities, investments, stock options, tax situation, etc.). Together, we will review your goals, values, and financial objectives. Our team will thoroughly review your information and prepare an in-depth Investment Proposal for the next meeting.


Investment Proposal

Once we’ve gathered all of your financial information in our Discovery Meeting, we’ll meet again to review your Investment Proposal. First, we share a presentation about how FPC operates as a firm. Next, we will review a prepared Mind Map – a comprehensive outline of your financial situation including your values, goals, assets, debts, and more. We’ll also review your current Net Worth sheet, along with an Account Flow Chart (the account flow chart displays how your current accounts are positioned and how we would modify them). Lastly, we’ll review specific financial recommendations, as well as include action items to be accomplished. You’ll also receive a copy of your proposal that outlines what it’s like to work together.


Mutual Commitment

Ultimately, we always want our clients to feel comfortable working with us, and confident in the proposal that we have outlined. At this point in the process, we allow you as much time as you need to determine if FPC is a good fit for you. You will have the opportunity to review the materials and ask any questions you may have. If you agree that FPC is the team for you, we’ll complete any necessary paperwork and then kick-off the onboarding process. This includes opening investment accounts, initiating transfers, choosing your individual portfolio allocation, and implementing your financial strategy.

Have Questions?

We’re here to support you! Please reach out to us with any questions.