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Honoring Blair McCarthy

With heartfelt gratitude, we honor the memory of Blair McCarthy, the visionary founder and guiding spirit of FPC Investment Advisory, Inc. His indelible impact on the world of wealth management, built on a foundation of more than 30 years of professional investment experience, remains a testament to his enduring legacy.

Blair founded FPC Investment Advisory in 1994 as an independent, fee-only firm, putting FPC at the forefront of the Registered Investment Advisor Fiduciary space. From the outset, Blair’s commitment to delivering objective, unbiased advice set the tone for what FPC would become—a haven of integrity and client-centered service.

Creating not just a workplace but a family, Blair’s leadership style was marked by an open-door policy and warm-hearted generosity. No issue was too trivial, and no staff member was too junior for his attention. Blair’s commitment to prompt communication and availability made FPC not just a workplace but a community where everyone felt valued.

That sense of community extended to Blair’s clients, whose trust he earned through integrity and ethical management. He often said that ethics and integrity were the keys to prosperity, shaping this philosophy into the core values of FPC. These were not mere words; they were principles he lived by daily.

It was Blair’s passion for aviation that led to the incorporation of disciplined checklists and procedures into FPC’s wealth management approach. This passion also fostered a serendipitous meeting with Bijan Golkar, FPC’s current CEO, at a local flight school when Bijan was just a high school student. This fateful encounter would cement a professional partnership built on shared values and visions.

The organic growth of FPC has its roots in Blair’s early days of playing squash and racquetball, sports that led to friendships and, subsequently, to a firm built predominantly through referrals. His networking skills were not just professional but deeply personal, built on genuine relationships that have been the bedrock of FPC’s continued growth.

Blair’s life philosophy was as straightforward as it was profound. “Two is one and one is none,” he would say, emphasizing the need for preparation and always having a backup plan. He also adhered to Occam’s Razor, advising us to opt for the simplest solution when faced with complex problems. Blair’s love for pop culture icons like Star Wars and Star Trek often surfaced in his quotes, adding a touch of whimsy to his wisdom.

Blair’s vision extended beyond his lifetime, a testament to his selfless leadership. He never attached his name to the company, choosing instead to build a legacy that would benefit future generations. As we mourn his passing, every member of the FPC family remains committed to honoring Blair’s principles.

Blair McCarthy may no longer be with us in body, but his spirit and wisdom continue to guide FPC. With hearts full of gratitude, we pledge to honor Blair’s legacy, ensuring that the values he instilled remain the guiding light for FPC now and for generations to come. Rest in peace, Blair; you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

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