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How to “Tidy Up” Cash Flow When You Don’t Need to Budget

When people think of “budgeting” they don’t typically think of something enjoyable or worthwhile. Many high earners don’t budget at all – and with good reason.  Managing line items in your family budget may be time consuming and frustrating. It can also be completely unnecessary

Open Enrollment Primer

Many employers have an open enrollment season that runs through the fall of each year. Some start as early as September, while others kick off in October or November. Regardless of when your employer holds open enrollment, there are several key tasks you can tackle

What is a 529 plan and how do they work?

Education savings is often part of the financial plans we create. Whether clients are interested in pursuing a masters or doctoral degree, or they want to help fund the college education of their kids and grandkids, navigating how to efficiently save for continuing education costs

Understanding Medicare Coverage

Medicare is an often confusing, although necessary, element of retirement planning. Leveraging Medicare for health coverage can help to lower your health insurance and medical expenses, while also providing varying levels of coverage throughout your retirement. However, it’s important to understand how Medicare works, and

FPC Views on the Brexit

June 24, 2016 SUBJECT: Britain Votes to Leave European Union To our clients: Yesterday, Britain voted to leave the EU (Brexit). There is a lot of news and commentary out there, so we felt it prudent to send out an executive summary on our thoughts and

Market Gyrations

The market moves over the last month have been quite volatile, and we understand that this can be disconcerting. Today’s events are no exception, and we wanted to pass along our perspective. As we are composing this email, the markets have fallen from their all-time

Regarding Market Pullback

Happy New Year!? The beginning of 2016 has gotten off to a bad start, and as a result we are close to a market correction (defined as a decline of 10% from the recent high). The market gyrations are due to a variety of exogenous

Year-End Wealth Strategies

Year-End Wealth Strategies. The end of the year is quickly approaching!  It is no secret that the markets have been volatile this year; however, there is a silver lining.  You can watch this quick video to learn more on this and a few other year