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Why Choose FPC Wealth

You’re serious about protecting and growing your wealth, and we’re serious about providing the guidance that helps you enjoy your success.

The FPC Difference

It’s easy to find financial advisors who’ll say they’ve got your best interests at heart. At FPC, we don’t just talk the talk. From the client-first legal standards we adhere to, to the generous amount of time we devote to each client, to the un-conflicted way we charge for our services, we walk the walk. And we back it up with a level of experience and expertise that most firms simply cannot match.

Experience and Knowledge

For more than three decades, we’ve helped those we serve to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and reach their financial goals. And our deep roots are matched by our broad expertise. Sure, we manage investments—but we also provide much more:


  • As veteran financial planners, we create customized, step-by-step roadmaps for reaching your long-term financial goals.
  • As licensed tax practitioners, we make sure as much of your money as possible goes toward achieving your dreams.
  • As a respected and well-connected firm, we’re able to put at your disposal world-class experts in everything from insurance to estate planning.

It’s All About You

At FPC, we’re motivated by a desire to help you succeed. That’s why we have chosen to operate under the highest legal standard of care, known as the fiduciary standard. As fiduciaries, we are obligated to put your interests ahead of our own.


Unlike many advisors, we never accept sales commissions; instead, we charge a reasonable fee. Our approach means we will never profit by recommending a particular stock, bond, mutual fund or any other product. The bottom line: We’re free to recommend what we deem to be best investments for each client’s specific situation.

The Attention You Deserve

Some advisory firms seem to believe their job is to grow as fast as they can. We believe our job is to help you succeed. Period. We maintain a low ratio of clients to advisors so that we can provide you with the level of attention you deserve.

What We Do

Committed to Serving Investors Since 1982

We are veterans in financial planning and tax preparation, with the experience you’re looking for to get you where you want to be. We commit to a personal relationship so we can give you the best solutions for your situation.

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Wealth management is about more than just investing successfully. It’s about reaching your goals and living the life you want to live. At FPC, we understand the big picture.


Along with planning and investing, tax expertise is a critical tool in helping clients achieve their goals. As licensed tax practitioners, we weave expert tax consulting directly into our wealth management service–and that gives you an advantage few other advisors can offer.


Markets change, financial situations change, family situations change. Yet most financial advisors base their client relationships on rigid financial plans created at the beginning of the relationship.

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