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FPC Views on the Brexit

June 24, 2016 SUBJECT: Britain Votes to Leave European Union To our clients: Yesterday, Britain voted to leave the EU (Brexit). There is a lot of news and commentary out there, so we felt it prudent to send out an executive summary on our thoughts and

Market Gyrations

The market moves over the last month have been quite volatile, and we understand that this can be disconcerting. Today’s events are no exception, and we wanted to pass along our perspective. As we are composing this email, the markets have fallen from their all-time

Regarding Market Pullback

Happy New Year!? The beginning of 2016 has gotten off to a bad start, and as a result we are close to a market correction (defined as a decline of 10% from the recent high). The market gyrations are due to a variety of exogenous

Year-End Wealth Strategies

Year-End Wealth Strategies. The end of the year is quickly approaching!  It is no secret that the markets have been volatile this year; however, there is a silver lining.  You can watch this quick video to learn more on this and a few other year

Your Money & the Markets in August

Majority of the needle-moving economic indicators over the past month were roughly in line with expectations, and the chances of an interest rate increase at the next Fed meeting remain high. Nonetheless, the interest rate hike is not a done deal, and the potential of

Don’t Sweat the Greek Drama

June 29th was a dark day for the markets: Spooked by turmoil in Greece, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indexes each plunged 2%. The drop was the sharpest of 2015, but from a historical perspective, it wasn’t all that noteworthy. According to JP Morgan

Keep More of Your Wealth

There is an old piece of tax wisdom that says, “It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.” And that has never been more true than today. Currently, income taxes have risen to a top rate of 39.6%. There are also a few additional

Your Money & the Markets in June

This month, it seems that good news is bad news once again. A series of positive economic data (mainly stronger employment growth) lit up markets with fear that growth would rebound sharply in the summer months, just like in 2014, and that a better economic