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Quarterly Review

2nd Quarter 2018 Market Update and Review

The portfolios turned in positive results for the quarter and last 12 months ending June 30th.   Domestic asset classes did better than international, and the sectors were mostly positive with some stellar returns.

2017 Annual – Market Update and Review

The U.S. markets did well in 2017, and international markets did even better as the world experienced a global recovery with little inflation. Asset Class Performance Over the Last Twelve Months: CASH • Yields on Cash Assets/Money Market Funds saw a noticeable increase in 2017.

2nd Quarter 2016 Market Update and Review

U.S. & International Economics: We have global growth, albeit slow. Due to concerns that growth may go negative there is heightened volatility. Slow growth has produced low and even negative interest rates in some countries. Domestically, employment remains strong with unemployment under 5%. China’s slowing


The markets have gone mostly nowhere over the last year with a small decline in overall prices, after falling and rising like a yo-yo. There were two back-to-back market corrections over a period of six months. The first was in August 2015 when we had