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How Earnings Can Guide Investors in Difficult Markets

With markets nervous about stubborn inflation, a gradually slowing labor market, and the timing of the first Fed rate cut, investors are more focused on this corporate earnings season than usual. This is because while the economy has avoided a “hard landing” corporate earnings only

3 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Financial Help

Are you worried about your parents as they age? Maybe you suspect they are becoming less capable of handling their finances independently?  You’ve possibly even thought about saying something to them but are worried about how they will respond. If so, you aren’t alone.  It’s

Medicare and Summer Travel

Are you getting ready to take a summer vacation?   If you plan to travel, did you know you may not have the same health coverage while away? People enrolled in Medicare might want to take another look at their policy to ensure they’re still covered

What Does a Diversified Portfolio Actually Look Like?

You’ve heard that it’s important to create a well-diversified portfolio and know that it is a critical step in your financial plan, but what does a diversified portfolio actually look like? To create one, you need to know what that means and practical steps for

Market Updates & Actions we are Taking

In response to higher inflation and expected rate hikes by the Fed (to offset the increased levels of inflation), markets have been moving down recently.  In the U.S., we are now officially in a market correction as measured by the S&P 500.  The standard measure