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Understanding Your NQSOS + ISOS

Welcome back! Over the past several weeks, we’ve been tackling the ins and outs of employee stock options. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the first two articles in this series: How To Take Control Of Your Employee Stock Options: An Introduction

A Deep Dive into RSUs and How They Work

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are a type of compensation that many employers in Silicon Valley offer their employees as an incentive to continue with the company for a given length of time. The RSUs “vest” after a predetermined number of years, at which time they’re

Gifting To Your Kids: College Accounts and Beyond

At FPC, many of our clients are focused on making an impact in the lives of their loved ones. One of the biggest ways clients are positively impacting their family with their wealth is by finding unique ways to support their kids. The truth is,

4 Action Items If Retirement Is On The Horizon

Retirement looks different for each person. Some people wish to retire early whereas others work as long as they can. No matter what path you are on, it is important to be financially prepared when you do decide to retire.  Retirees face a myriad of

How To Create An Estate Plan (That Actually Works!)

How often have you seen something go completely sideways with a friend or relative’s estate plan? When this happens, you might be thinking: It won’t happen to me.  This is one of the most dangerous mindsets because it doesn’t push you to be proactive. Instead,

How To Be Tax Efficient In Retirement

When you think of taxes, what comes to mind? It’s probably a once-per-year scramble to get all of your paperwork in order to submit to the IRS. But taxes are so much more than a one-time thing. Tax planning can change the balance and strategy

How an Election Year Affects Your Investment Strategy

Let me know if this sounds familiar: Your Facebook News Feed has blown up with messages like “The sky is falling! If my chosen candidate doesn’t win, the markets are doomed, and so are my investments!” Elections tend to bring out the more emotional sides